Nurse Blue Notch One

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태그: 18세 이상 Sexy nurses 거물 게임 구강 섹스 변태 사정 섹스 에로 게임 에로틱 펠라치오

설명: Our hero is little ill. He's using his sickness to make some girl feel helpfull and then fuck her. All you have to do is find the best words to seduce this blue-haired nurse. And yes, her pussy also has blue hair.

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Sanguine Rose Tavern Scene - This is a small scene from the second day from the game Sanguine Rose. You can find this visual novel on our site. Story goes about seductive Carmen Valentine and the bounty hunters who captured her. Click on dialogs or press Space to advance. Click on choices when required. Press G to open gallery from the right side. Sanguine Rose Tavern Scene
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