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Sapphica: The Ascension [Restart]

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태그: 18세 이상 Female protagonist Html games Mobile Point and click RPG 감금 게임 구강 섹스 금발 레즈비언 마스터베이션 섹스 어드벤쳐 에로 게임 장난감 카드 퀘스트 택틱 페티쉬 핸드잡 [change]

설명: Sapphica is a lesbian community where not everyone can freely get inside. You must have reputation (as well as money) to join it. In this game you have to walk around various locations and your goal is to get inside Sapphica. Meanwhile you'll have to battle in a card games with your opponents and perform different lesbian actions.

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  • 현재 평가 3.97/5